Intercultural care architecture in Helsinki


Last week, Alara and Renske attended the annual meeting of European Network of Intercultural Elderly Care on behalf of Kokon and Livable. They attended together with Jan Booij and Frans Hoogeveen of Livable. Every year, ENIEC meets in a different city to discuss a specific topic. This year, in Helsinki, they discussed the daily lives of the elderly from the perspective of human rights.

The work of architects has a direct impact on people's daily lives, their living environment and homes can either enable or hinder them from living life to the fullest. During the meeting, it became clear that our work here also touches on the theme of human rights: if our designs are well thought out, they can contribute to the right to privacy, the right to self-determination and safety, the right to personal integrity and, for migrant elderly people in particular, the right to their own culture.

The three-day trip was filled with interesting discussions, workshops, visits, lots of good food and even some folk dancing at the dinner after the general assembly. The ENIEC family is a group of inspiring and passionate individuals, with whom we enjoy working!