Heritage excursion to Waasmunster and Vlissingen


To gain inspiration for the increasing number of heritage projects, Kokon's heritage department went on an excursion to the old Roosenberg Abbey in Waasmunster, Belgium, and to our own projects National Monument The Arsenal and The Arsenal Theatre in Vlissingen. A successful day!

In the former monastery they were given a guided tour by the supervisor, during which extensive knowledge was gained of this extraordinary architecture. Monk-architect Dom Hans van der Laan designed the abbey in the 1970s and was known for his self-developed measuring system that he used when designing his buildings, which influenced the proportions of almost every element in his design.

At the still vacant Arsenal Theater in Vlissingen, the team examined the existing situation to get a better handle on the design. It is very old, with the first drawings dating from the 17th century, and has a long history with the Navy. Since the late 19th century, the building has been used for concerts and theater. You will hear more about this project in the future....

National monument The Arsenal is one of our long-term projects. The former museum and amusement park is being transformed into a luxury hotel. The building is now completely gutted, which does justice to the impressive construction; the gigantic building functioned as a real arsenal in the early 19th century. Now that the superfluous elements have been removed, it's easy to see how much the structure has deteriorated over the centuries, and this visit helped to take stock of missing elements.

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Heritage Team: André, Sharon, Alan, Henk, Jeroen, Raphael, Mary Ann, Ronald, Lars