Festive opening of 3D-concrete printing factory Bruil Prefab


Today, Bruil Prefab opens the 3D-Concrete printing factory that will prefabricate 1200 facade elements for our project Hendrik Baskeweg in Den Helder, Europe’s largest 3D-Conrete printing project!

This production method offers architects freedom to realise remarkable designs. For project Hendrik Baskeweg – comprising of the apartment flats ‘De Duinen’ (The Dunes) and ‘De Wadden’(The Wadden) – we created a design that revives two outdated apartment flat buildings dating back to the 1970s for the next 40 years, at least. This includes a sustainable transformation in various respects. The buildings undergo a total metamorphosis, after which they are both aesthetically and architecturally and energetically prepared for a new life in the long term.

A beautiful building is sustainable by definition, because it is cherished. Not in the least by its residents, but also by the Housing Foundation and Den Helder. This transformation leads to the preservation of the still viable construction, while the residents retain their own home. The energy transition will be carried out in phases, whereby roofs and facades are initially insulated according to current standards, while PV cells are installed on a large scale on the roofs.

The transformation of the apartment buildings takes place while inhabited, allowing residents to remain in their homes during the construction work. The 3D concrete print elements – including 200 unique façade parts – are prefabricated in the new factory.

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