HeiligHarn: building permit granted


Our project HeiligHarn has been granted building permit.

Renovation of large scale apartment flats, originally built in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s is a necessary step towards sustainable and affordable housing.

The 'HeiligHarn' apartment building for which Kokon has designed the upgrading, will be treated in several ways. 

The single level central corridor under the building at the pivoting point will be enhanced to 3 levels, and the central entrance for the new addition to the building will be situated there. The corridor will be more prominent, and will connect the areas in front and at the back of the building in a more pleasant way. The plinth facade will be renovated with new dark grey masonry, and other facades will also be renovated, after the application of new insulation.

Furthermore, balcony terraces will be enlarged, privacy screens and balcony and galery fences will be renovated, and integrated within new vertically oriented concrete frames. The facade will be less massive, and the anonimity of the original facade will disappear. Additional rooftop apartments, penthouses with large private outdoor spaces on the long side and at the pivoting point of the building will further enhance the appearance of the buyilding, making it more luxurious.