Kokon and Tunecare together active in Turkey for elderly and disabled care


Turkey has the youngest population in Europe, but at the same time it is the fastest aging country in Europe. In years to come, Turkey faces a major challenge when it comes to elderly and disabled people. Due to growing health tourism, the country also offers many opportunities for the elderly in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Adressing these themes, the Fifth International 3rd Spring of Life, Tourism and Dynamics Congress was held in Ankara, Turkey, from November 31 to December 1, 2017.

Süleyman Özbek gave a presentation at this congress on behalf of Kokon and the Tunecare Foundation (Turkey-Netherlands Care Development). During this presentation many of Kokon's projects and studies in the Netherlands and in Turkey were reviewed. 

Kokon and Tunecare together have the goal of realising many projects for elderly and disabled people in Turkey in years to come, with high European standards set as the main goal. The most important starting point for this is transferring the years of knowledge and experience gained while respecting cultural, traditional and religious differences.