Kokon introduces Livable


Every person - with whatever limitation - deserves to live life to the fullest. Therefore Kokon introduces the new care brand Livable, a partner initiative with interior architects Studio id+, in cooperation with various experts. From this multidisciplinary approach we design environments that support people with disabilities to live their lives to their full ability.

Architecture, both interior and exterior, influences our well-being, emotions and development. Livable designs buildings and interiors that support elderly and people with disabilities to live life to the fullest. Born out of passion for special care, love for architecture and the ambition to bring both together in a concept with meaning. Read more here.

We focus on care providers, both in the Netherlands and abroad, with complex housing needs. In the run-up to projects they can rely on Livable to explore, understand and optimise their needs with our broad expertise. This leads to a good project description, and eventually a building in which care users and care providers can live and function optimally and happily. Care projects of Kokon can from now on be approached on request by Livable.

Livable supports disability to live according to ability.

Find out more about Livable here.