Kokon & Studio id+ give lecture in China on dementia


A special opportunity on the second-to-last day of the year: December 30, Henk gave a virtual lecture in China on 'Elderly community, interaction and behavior from experiences in the Netherlands'. He also introduced 'LIVABLE': a new multidisciplinary care concept in cooperation with Anja Dirks of Studio id+, Jan Booij and Frans Hoogeveen. More about this later, stay tuned!

This lecture is part of the conference "Multi-field Integration and Innovation in Smart Aging Care - Beijing International Science and Technology Cooperation Base(MIISAG). The conference is open to interested parties in China and abroad.

The conference was organized to improve the interconnection of knowledge and technology in the field of elderly care at home and abroad, help member units strengthen their international perspective, and promote the high-quality development and sustainability of the Multi-field Integration & Innovation in Smart Aging Care-Beijing International Science and Technology Cooperation Base (MIISAG).