Masterplan ‘Broadway’


Today, the new masterplan for the MAF-group in Vlaardingen was successfully presented. For the last 100 years, the company has been market leader in grinding, breaking and trade of ores and minerals.

Nowadays, the group consists of a number of companies, housed in a varied and complex building structure at the harbour.

The internal logistics have grown over the years, and the situation may be comprehensible to the company itself, but actually it is illogical in terms of produce flow, movements of personnel, storage and functional division.

An intense process, in close cooperation with the company, the current situation was mapped. Several conclusions could be drawn from reviews. A lot of storage space can be gained in the factory.

The new master plan consists of a new logistical axis, the 'Broadway', in the heart of the factory. This operation will not only make the factory more space efficient, but also will enhance logistics.