Publication: architects on parametric design for inclusive care


What is the value of parametric design for inclusive care? Our architects Eric Holthuis, Martijn van Leeuwen and Margot Hols shed their light on this question in the latest edition of the Dutch architecture magazine Stedebouw & Architectuur.

According to them, parametric design has great potential and can fulfill the needs of specific audiences, so that in addition to economic impact, social impact is also being created. At the same time, it still remains 'just' a tool: as a designer you are at the steering wheel and you can determine which variables have priority. This is one of the many visions of the development of healthcare architecture, what are your thoughts on it?

Henk Middelkoop and Kokon are guest chief editors of the latest edition of the magazine, for which we chose Construction & Care as the theme. Download the full publication (in Dutch) here.