Proud of our PEP participants


Meet our PEP participants! At Kokon, we value the development of our team. You can create the most beautiful designs in the world, but it takes people to make those dreams come true.

Martijn: "By going through the PEP, I'm working towards what I've been dreaming of since elementary school; the title of architect. Proud that we have this opportunity within Kokon and can immediately apply the knowledge we have gained in practice. Even more fun to do this together with colleagues!"

We realize that the knowledge and skills of Kokonners play an important role in the success of our firm. That's why Kokon gives them the opportunity to attend the PEP. PEP provides an inspiring cross-pollination between fields, and broadens participants' vision of the profession and their own role.

Our PEP participants, from left to right: Martijn, Renske, Margot, Teun