Permit Kloostersteeg granted


Kokon is transforming the medieval Kloostersteeg in the centre of Gouda municipality. With this, the old workers' houses and carpentry factory will be given a new, wooden look. By now, the permit for this is granted!

Kloostersteeg consists of two designs on both sides of the alley. On one side, an old carpentry workshop will be transformed into five small houses, reusing as many elements as possible so as not to affect the archaeologically sensitive soil. Find out more about the style.

Opposite the carpentry workshop are some garages and sheds, created by years of transformations of the workers' houses. These garages will be transformed into homes while retaining historical materials such as partition walls and foundations. Maintaining the original pattern creates a modern interpretation of working-class houses.

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Client: Pancras Vastgoed B.V., Jeroen den Hollander