ReShaping Architecture: come to our evening symposium!


Come to ReShaping Architecture! On October 13, Kokon, Bruil and Movares are organizing an evening symposium on project Hendrik Baskeweg, the largest 3D concrete printing project in the world, and you can be there! Sign up for free and find out all the ins and outs about the design that is reshaping architecture. The evening will be in Dutch.

The Hendrik Baskeweg transformation involves the upgrade of two dated apartment buildings in Den Helder using 3D printed concrete façade elements on widened balconies and galleries. Worldwide, this is the largest project to date in the field of 3D concrete printing and the first time the technique has been applied in this way. This will extend the life of the buildings by 50 years. Read more here.

During this evening symposium at The New Institute, Ron, Theo and Wim will share all details about the creation of the unique design and discuss the design possibilities of this innovative way of transformation. Afterwards, there will be the opportunity to chat over drinks. Admission is free, but seating is limited, so reserve your ticket now.