Agreement social housing Niew Rein


This week Wilma Wonen, Heembouw and Woningbouwvereniging Habeko Wonen signed an agreement for 15 social housing units in Nieuw Rein and just like all the other houses in Nieuw Rein these units are designed by Kokon. We look forward to the realisation of this addition to the new district!

New district
Nieuw Rein in Hazerswoude will be a beautiful place on the banks of the Oude Rijn river. There will be 102 sustainable homes here with a wide variety of housing types. The design of the homes is timeless in stylish architecture. The watery environment and the unique location in the Green Heart are central to this new district of the Municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn. Phase 1 is currently being realised, read more here:

Social housing
The 15 terraced houses will be built in the south-eastern part of Nieuw Rein, partly on the Rijndijk and partly on a wide green strip that ends at the water of the Oude Rijn. The homes have a surface area of approximately 90 m2 , will have three bedrooms and parking is provided in the courtyard or in the street. The future residents will be able to live comfortably in a green and water-rich neighbourhood and enjoy the small harbour and the beautiful lines of sight across the polder landscape and the Oude Rijn river.

Martin Bogerd, Director of Habeko wonen: "These energy-efficient homes offer opportunities for young starters in the family formation phase. They will find a comfortable home here."