In the sun on the 3D printed balcony


The city with the highest number of sunshine hours in the Netherlands is all set: summer on the Spanish balcony of the Hendrik Baskeweg in Den Helder. Part 1 of the world's largest 3D concrete printing project is nearing completion. Watch the full news item in Dutch here.

Using 3D-printed concrete balconies and widened galleries, the two dated residential apartment buildings are being upgraded. Worldwide, this is the largest 3D concrete printing project to date and the first time the technique has been applied in this way. This will extend the life of the buildings by 50 years.

Resident Francien Buyvoets says with relief, "Finally those doors opened. Everyone started cleaning immediately. I think flats have never been so clean. I have much more space and my view of the mudflats is much better. Very satisfied." The finishing touches will be added after the summer, so residents can enjoy the nice weather for now.

News item: NH Nieuws, Jurgen van den Bos
Kokon: Ron van Leeuwen, Peter van Middelkoop, Wim Baas, Thom Pegman
Partners. Woningstichting Den Helder, Bruil, Movares, Helder Vastgoed BV, Renovum, Aannemingsbedrijf A. Tuin Den Helder B.V., Hi-Con Nederland