Enriching Heritage and its Environment


Heritage is composed of the connection of collective and personal valuations of tangible and intangible legacies handed down through time. All around us we see the relevance of this increasing, and rightly so. The growing awareness of this relevance requires respect for various valuations and an open debate. From our background and passion for the profession, Kokon Heritage considers it its responsibility to achieve a balance here.

Based on our own heritage portfolio, supplemented by more recent projects, we have accumulated extensive experience and gained valuable knowledge. We strive to apply this to ensure that the large task of heritage projects are future-proofed in a sustainable and vital way. By also utilizing the available constructional technologies, we create a healthy balance between the cultural, economic and technical value of heritage. For both renovation, restoration and transformation of the built environment, our heritage team guides and advises your project with a personal approach.

Team f.l.t.r.:
Lars: assistent (technical) designer
Mary-Ann: architect / parametric designer
André: (heritage) architect / project leader
Ronald: assistent (interior)designer
Henk: head architect
Alan: assistent designer
Sharon: technical designer / assistent project leader
Jeroen: architect / assistent project leader
Rafaël: assistent designer

The standard of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) is not only leading in new housing developments but also a rich source of inspiration in reconstruction to renovate or transform architectural heritage in an environmentally conscious and long-lasting way. This not only focuses on materialization and technology but usage also plays a crucial role in the improvement of architectural heritage.

Addressing the existing building stock is a source of information. Through the use of 3D pointclouds, building and color historical research, and 3D drawing methodology in the form of a Building Information Model (BIM), all information is gathered and merged. Thus, all qualities and defects are identified.

Enriching heritage for everyone who values existing, constructed environments in their current and historical context is our passion. We are not doing this alone, but as a team and also as peers. Inspired by the stories we get to participate in, we bring heritage to life.