Upgrading of 6 apartment buildings, Parnassialaan, Hellevoetsluis


The contractor has started the construction for the upgrading of 6 apartment buildings, at the Parnassialaan in Hellevoetsluis.

By way of subtle addition of vertical elements, made of white concrete, against the gallery and balcony floors, the 6 old gallery apartment buildings are transformed into buildings with a contemporary appearance. Placement of these elements at different intervals and addition of new glass and steel railings and fences creates a dynamic appearance, while also interfering with the dull horizontal lines of the old façade.

The buildings each receive a new, extended entrance hall, with an extra elevator that adds a new architectural element to the buildings. The side façade gets a new look, by applying the same materials and colours as the new elevator shaft.

The existing masonry at the ground level and the technical space on the roof are painted in a charcoal colour, which contrasts well with the added white and orange coloured façade elements.

Realisation is expected in the first quarter of 2016.