Episode Aria-South in video series Fraanje


CEO, architect and in this case above all urban planner of Kokon Ron van Leeuwen was interviewed about Aria South for Fraanje's online video series. In the episode, he talks more about the design and story of the area's urban plan.

Aria-Noord is now almost complete and the development of Aria-South has just begun. Given the success of Aria North, it is obvious to continue working with the proven design principles in the coming phases.

Aria-South forms one whole with Aria-Noord. This manifests itself, among other things, in a continuity of atmosphere, appearance, use of materials, street profiles and grain size. The plan is characterized by a linking of public spaces, connected by a slow traffic route. The plan is small-scale and informal. Homes are located on quiet streets or on a small square, court or park.

Watch the video below for the complete story.