A village in the city, that was the fundamental concept in the design and development of Plan Aria, with which the plan was established in 2010. Now that approximately half of the project has been realised, this idea is proving to work. Aria has a pleasant, informal atmosphere, people enjoy living there, and the architecture and urban development appeal to a broad audience. Aria-North is now almost complete and the development of Aria-South is ready to commence. The first phase went on sale at the beginning of this month. Given the success of Aria-North, it is obvious that the proven design principles will be continued in the coming phases.

Aria-South forms one entity with Aria-North. This is expressed, among other things, in a continuity of atmosphere, appearance, materials, street profiles and grain size. The plan is characterised by a linking of public spaces, connected by a slow traffic route. The plan is small-scale and informal. Houses are located along quiet streets or on squares, courtyards or parks. 

Meeting and interaction between residents is stimulated in a public area that is tailored as much as possible to pedestrians. The urban design creates the conditions for further elaboration of a plan in which greenery plays a leading role. Green space has a vital, and sometimes underestimated, part in creating a pleasant and healthy living environment. Careful landscaping helps to create pleasant places to stay, encourages biodiversity and contributes directly to the happiness and health of the residents.

Location Goes
Client Fraanje Aannemingsbedrijf
Teun Claassen Urban designer
Ron Van Leeuwen ceo / architect / urban designer
Bouwe Boonstra urban designer