Maasland Zoom plan received enthusiastically


During a successful walk-in evening of the Maaslandse Zoom new construction project, interested parties could have a look at the plan. Currently the draft zoning plan is still available for inspection at the Municipality of Midden-Delfland, but during the information meeting the reactions to the draft designs were very positive.

Along the central green sightline, we are creating three atmospheric areas in a well-coordinated architecture. First, 't Landje, the entrance to the neighborhood. De Slagen forms the connection between the other two subareas. At the edge of the Food Forest, De Uitkijk will be built: apartments overlooking the Maasland polder. A total of 109 homes will be built in the area adjacent to the Hofsingel.

Alderman Wendy Renzen- van Leeuwen: "This new residential area is spacious and has a green appearance due to the central green sightline that runs through the area. The Maaslandse Zoom is characterized by a varied range of housing with village-like architecture and with a layout of the public area that ensures the creation of a powerful, sustainable and climate-resistant residential neighborhood with its own identity."