Care complex

For the Gemiva-SVG foundation, on the AZS site in Schoonhoven, Kokon has made the design for housing 32 clients with a intellectual disability.

The 32 clients are housed in an L-shaped building. The building is 2-storeyed with a roof. The clients are divided into 4 groups of 8. Each client has a lounge/bedroom with a private bathroom. All groups have a large common living room with a spacious kitchen and a large common garden on the ground floor or a spacious conservatory on the first floor. There are also supporting functions in each group, including a laundry room, a linen room and storage areas.

The architecture is fresh and playful, with a fresh brown brick on the ground floor combined with a white plastered facade on the first floor. In this way, the architecture is in keeping with the other ground-level homes to be built on the AZS site.

Construction is expected to start after the 2021 summer break.


Location Schoonhoven
Client Gemiva SVG
Süleyman Özbek bureau manager / architect
Alwin Hirschfeld bim-modeller