Parc Clinckenbergh

On the site of the old Klinkenberg in Ede, two apartment blocks with space for 100 new-build apartments will soon arise, housing and care: Clinckenberg I and Clinckenberg II. One will have owner-occupied units, the other will offer care housing for Woonzorg Nederland.

The site is characterized by a considerable height difference. In combination with the monumental trees on the site, our starting point was soon clear: design a building in which the environment can be experienced optimally. This has led to two elongated blocks that are sloping in the terrain. Clinckenberg I consists of four floors with an eight-story accent at the head. Clinckenberg II will be developed later. Parking is located under the buildings as much as possible, so parking is hardly visible from the street and the emphasis is even more on the beautiful landscape.

Clinckenberg I has a main entrance on the Van Heutzselaan, characterized by a differentiation in the brickwork. Between the two buildings runs an informal courtyard garden which has an intimate feel due to a kink in both buildings. By placing the buildings in the same direction and adapting the garden design to it, the landscape, as it were, slips between the buildings.

The first building is characterized by the brown-gray stone with which they seem to rise from the ground. Each floor is emphasized by a horizontal band that wraps around the entire volume. The horizontal bands form a continuous line of balconies and terraces. On the top two floors penthouses are situated: by placing the facade back, spacious terraces with space for an outdoor kitchen are created. With the aid of a great deal of glass and sliding doors, each interior space transitions seamlessly from inside to outside. At the same time, the horizontal bands also form a canopy that protects each interior space from (too much) sunlight in summer.

Together the buildings form Parc Clinckenberg, a place to come home to. View the project site here.

Location Ede, Netherlands
Client Crossing Borders Development
Margot Hols Architectural designer / SDG expert
Roy Gorissen architect
Ron Van Leeuwen ceo / architect / urban designer