Recreation park Molenwaard

Adventurous living takes on a new meaning at Holiday Park Molenwaard. Floating accommodation is one of Kokon's areas of expertise and therefore we designed a floating, Scandinavian group accommodation for the park.

This spacious group accommodation, with room for 10 people, has 3 floors. On the first floor is the cozy living room with sitting and dining area located and made room for a large kitchen. On the second floor is a luxury double suite and the first floor has four bedrooms. De Schouw also has no less than 3 bathrooms. On the second floor one room with bath, sink and toilet and on the first floor two rooms with shower, sink and toilet.

A variety of designs were made, after which the client chose the red design with the raised, covered veranda on the side. Below you can also see the alternatives. More information about floating living can be found here.

Location Ottoland
Client Vakantiepark Molenwaard