Aleida van Culemborg

The long Aleida van Culemborgstraat residential block with house numbers 4 to 62 is in need of replacement. The architectural state of the houses - from 1954 - is poor and the layout of the houses with a gallery at the back is outdated. Moreover, the houses are not at all sustainable. In the new building 34 homes will be built, which is 4 more than now. They will all be social housing with 3 rooms for a broad target group.


We are building the new homes exactly within the height and surface area of the existing homes, with one exception: the homes at the rear will be deeper than they are now. The front facades will be in the same place as the existing front, the roof height is now somewhat lower. In the design, there will be an extra facade on the street side with openings to the galleries that will be hidden behind it. The balconies will be on the rear facade. The masonry in the facades will be the same as that of the current houses.

In terms of sustainability measures, we design according to the BENG standard (Nearly Energy Neutral Building). The homes will be gasless. The planning is that the existing residential block will be demolished in early 2022 and we will start with the new building in June 2022. The construction period is approximately one year.

Location IJsselstein
Client Cazas Wonen
Kübra Çagdas Project leader / BIM-modelleur
Henk Middelkoop partner / architect