Baltimore, The Waterfront

The Waterfront is rising up along the Oude Maas in Spijkenisse. Six spectacular residential towers with a total of 750 flats, right on the water. With its tall, slender form, the Baltimore residential tower, part of phase 1, will be part of Spijkenisse's skyline, giving the town increasing significance.

In the architecture, we opted for a varied layout with divisions both horizontally and vertically. This makes the building, as we call it, readable. The plinth is in dark brickwork. The middle section and the crown are in warm white masonry with a mixed green brick as accent. Thanks to this choice of colour, the optimistic character of the design will be clearly perceptible even in cloudy weather. From the 16th floor onwards, the facades are set back. Shifting brickwork, various masonry dressings and deeply set windows enhance the building's rich and modern appearance.

Apartment building Baltimore comprises a total of 141 flats, including 75 owner-occupied flats and 66 rental flats. Naturally, all flats are built sustainably and energy-efficiently, using smart installations. The spacious flat floor plans have a semi-enclosed balcony, providing shelter from wind and rain. The living room and master bedroom make maximum use of views and daylight.

The main entrance is given a special character. The masonry in the façade hangs over the entrance like a curtain pulled up, revealing a double-height hall. This acts as a lobby with access to parking, the bicycle and mobility scooter sheds, the rooftop park and the rising points.

The building is the first of six towers that we have situated urbanistically to create an extensive roof park that meanders, as it were, between the buildings. Parking is located almost under the green deck, creating an optimal living environment for lounging, walking, playing sports and meeting people.

Renders by: Zes X Zes

Location Spijkenisse, NL
Client Dura Vermeer, als onderdeel van V.O.F. Dijkzone (Dura Vermeer, VORM en Ballast Nedam)
Ron Van Leeuwen ceo / architect / urban designer
Roy Gorissen architect