Bouquet, patio houses

Located on a wedge-shaped lot in between the 'Hoofdland' and 'Bouquet' streets in Zwijndrecht, 21 patio houses will be built in 2020. A cozy little neighborhood, with a modern architectural signature, with privacy and community go hand in hand.

The initially one-storey high houses are all built around their own patios. These patios are the hearth of each home, and the intermingling interior and exterior spaces generate a generous spacious living experience, unique in the current real estate market. Due to their horizontal design, all homes are already life-course proof, while additional bespoke options will ensure optimal conformation to the current market.

Kitchens are located at the front facade, with a large corner window, allowing for social interaction and informal social control. The cul-the-sac streets provide ideal playgrounds for children.

The modern detailing, in timeless and bright masonry, ensure a common denominator for the neighbourhood, with individual expression derived from individual choices in the customisation of top floors and terraces that owners will make in advance. These choices will lead to a rich variety in expression and appearance that makes each home unique.

Location Zwijndrecht
Client Van Pelt Projectontwikkeling
GFA 3.526 m²
Roy Gorissen Architect
Ron Van Leeuwen CEO / architect / urban designer