Brede school Het Balkon

Het Balkon is a district full of diversity at the fringe of Maassluis, along the Nieuwe Waterweg. This phase of development comprises of 38 rental town houses and a 'broad school', as well as a dentists' practice. By designing the school a an integral part of the district, on a prominent spot right in the centre of the neighbourhood, children in the lowest classes need not leave the district, also because of the afster school care facilities and the publicly accessible schoolyard, which make the building into an important hub for the district.

The first design phase of the school building was already a 3D-process (Revit), which provided all contributors and end users with a clear picture of every design aspect for decisionmaking, which in a traditional design process would have been very intricate.

3D-design methods instantly provides every contributor with insight, which significantly shortens the process time. From sketch to production drawings was a process of no more than eightteen months. By working with BIM methodology the overall cost of the project in every aspect has been accessible and significantly reduced.

Location Maassluis
Client Maasdelta