De Fonteyne

The western entrance of the Vlissingen town centre has been redeveloped in the De Fonteyne plan. Kokon has designed the urban plan and architecture.

The complex consists of two buildings, a town square and a pond, as well as underground parking facilities. The main building was inspired on a Venetian palazzo.

The commercial spaces are distributed on two floors. Above these floors are three apartment floors, surrounding a courtyard. The building's facade consists of glass bricks and green glazed bricks. The shops are connected to the apartments by a subtle combination of esthetic elements like pillars, free standing columns an deep recesses. A tall transparent canopy crowns the facade and emphasises the shopping area. All glass bricks are prefabricated into constructive elements of different sizes. To prevent the spaces behind the glass facade from overheating, broad wall cavities have been applied.

De Fonteyne consists of 53 commercial appartments, 6,000 m² of commercial space and 400 underground parking spots.

Location Vlissingen
Client BAM Vastgoed
GFA 27.100 m²
Ron Van Leeuwen CEO / architect / urban designer