De Laantjes

The ambition for the 'De Laantjes' project in Hendrik Ido Ambacht was to achieve a high standard in terms of avenues. Urban planning designers OD205 showed this in their vision for planting, street layout and architecture.

Kokon designs over 100 houses in this project for VolkerWessels. To achieve a link to the concept of avenues, chimneys were chosen as an architectural accent. This might prove to be one of the last hommages to the chimney, because this neighbourhood will be built completely off the gas grid. In 30 years we will have to explain to children what a thumb drive and a chimney were.

The facades are characterised by horizontal accents in the masonry, in white as well as dark maroon brickwork, while the shapes of windows start lower than in most projects. This enhances VolkerWessels''Plus-Wonen' building system as to achieve above average looks.

Longitudinal roofing, along east-west oriented lines, is a main feature based on urban planning requirements, which can be occasionally interrupted. Kokon has chosen to do this using box-shaped protruding accents. Cross gabled roofs would have disrupted the image too much.

The architecture was designed in a rather minimalistisc way, with firm accents, befitting the region and local tradition.

Location Hendrik Ido Ambacht
Client VolkerWessels
Henk Middelkoop partner / architect
Anna Hütz (Interieur)architect / Care expert
Kübra Çagdas Project leader / BIM-modelleur