De Lindehoeve

The 'Lindehoeve' farm was cut off from its lands by the high speed railway that crosses the island of the 'Hoekse Waard'. Therefor, the 'Stichting Cavent' organisation was able to inhabit the farm buildings with 27 clients with an intellectual and/or physical disability. The HW Wonen housing foundation acquired the lot and developed the project.

The ample barn provided the possibility to create a numjber of apartments within an indoor world, with an atrium, glass roof and indoor garden. Residents each get their own apartment, while the building has several common living rooms. At the front of the building, a special guest apartment and practice apartment are situated.

By treating the authentical elements, like the the building's truss structures, with respect, a tasteful and special project was created. Several building requirements regarding fire safety have resulted in compartimentation of spaces. Designing these as storey-high glass walls, the building has retained its openness and spaciousness.

The residents of De Lindehoeve can perform light labour tasks, like taking care of plants and animals, or the fabrication of products.

Location Mookhoek
Client HW Wonen
Henk Middelkoop partner / architect