De Tuinen van Hernesse

To live in a park-like environment is something many people dream of. This plan is in an already unique location, with plenty of water and green surroundings.

The plan area is surrounded by mostly existing trees, in some places strenghtened with additional trees. The inside of this tree border is visible, because it consists of lower and more open vegetation, combined with solitary or clustered trees. A number of residences is situated in this border area, leaving more open spaces in the central area. These residential clusters have a view of forested or park areas.

Within this border lies a park-like landscape, with gardens in its center. In order to make the park really accessible, the center of this plan is designed mostly car-free. To achieve this, the residential clusters are accessible by car in several places. Where cars enter, they can be parked in or near the home, and cannot advance further into the plan area.

The core of this sector is formed by the gardens. In this area, existing and newly realised buildings are aligned in a rigid grid. The area is transformed into the heart of the plan, using flower gardens, trees, paths, terraces, hedges and special spots.

Location Middelharnis