Fluwelensingel 45

Kokon has designed a loft villa at the location where once a laundry was located. It is based on the remains of the former laundry 'De Morgenster', owned by the Jaspers family, that was destroyed by a stray bomb from a German bomber in World War Two. In 1953, the remains were reduced to the current situation, and has served as storage space for the owners.

Recently, they decided to make the best of it. Designing a loft villa, inspired industrial style elements, this location is resurrected from the ashes.

Along the Fluwelensingel canal, several industrial buildings were scattered among the city villas. This collision between industrial complexes and the esquisite eclectic architecture of the early twentieth century has, in time, decayed due to demolition, explosions or bombardments. At this location, this collision will be made visible once again. Implementation of the typical industrial shed roofs contrasts with its surroundings historically. Careful design has created synthesis of the remains of the old laundry and a contemporary industrial loft villa.

Location Gouda
Henk Middelkoop partner / architect
Sharon Engelsma assistent project leader / technical designer