Fröbel - anniversary project

For our 5000th project anniversary, Kokon has designed a complete make-over for an existing restaurant in a nursing home. Lunchroom Fröbel opened its doors in nursing home Hanny Dekhuijzen, run by the Humanitas foundation, last April 4. The lunchroom is run by people with a mental disability. Saskia Warnaar wants her business to offer more than daily activities. She wants Fröbel to be a place that brings people together, young and old, with and without disabilities. This was incorporated in the design. Fröbel is open for everyone, making it a real meeting place.

In the new interior, the available space was divided into 3 zones, to turn the lunchroom into a real public facility, café, living room and workplace.

In the café, everyone is welcome to enjoy their coffee, a nice sandwich or pie. Large tables provide comfortable space for people in wheelchairs. People can work there of enjoy a board game or make a jigsaw puzzle. The project was furnished by making use of many ‘second hand’ products. This because these all have their own story to tell and because of the tight budget.

The second zone is furnished as a living room. A piano is available for playing, and comfy chairs for lounging and reading. Their also is a large couch, which automatically invites people to chat with each other.

The third zone, the ‘work place’ was designed to provide space for Humanitas employees to have their meetings. There is also a large table to read newspapers or have meetings.

Fröbel’s Saskia Warnaar: “We are really glad with the design Kokon made for us. All facilities are integrated beautifully. It’s a really cozy space, and the whole neighbourhood is very interested and curious!”

Location Rotterdam