GGZ Nijmegen

The project concerns building a new psychiatric clinic for short stay treatment (RGC, regional health care centre) for the UMC (University Medical Centre) St. Radboud in Nijmegen.


The building area has a narrow shape, and the building conforms its shape to the terrain as well as the existing buildings. A great number of urban planning preconditions were to be met. The surrounding buildings have remained in service during the destruction of existing parts of the building as well as the construction of the new wing. Also a number of historical and iconic elements to the west of the terrain have been preserved.

The eastern part of the new building conforms to the street level, the western part to the garden level, 3 meters below. Both parts of the building consist of three layers. The building shifts a level in the middle, where the stairwell and elevators are situated. Due to the level gap the building appears less massive.

Location Nijmegen