Graaf Florisweg

In early 2022, Kokon's Heritage team became involved in the total renovation of this fantastic monumental villa on the Graaf Florisweg in the Municipality of Gouda. Meanwhile, the environmental permit has been granted and can be followed up with a contractor.

The old manor house dates from 1912 and was designed and built by the architect C.P.W. Dessing in eclectic style for the Gouda cigar manufacturer Donker and his family. From 1946, successive structural interventions were carried out, as a result of which the original layout was largely lost. For example, the entrance was moved from the front facade to an addition on the side facade, and the monumental ensuite cabinet that separated the front and back rooms has disappeared.

The urban villa was included in the list of Municipal Monuments in Gouda in 2005. When planning for the preservation and renovation of the house encountered difficulties in late 2021, Kokon was asked to refloat the project in early 2022. The plan soon found a new form and balance when the structure on the first floor was restored.

Location Gouda
Alan Dolieslager architectural heritage designer
André van Deursen architect / heritage project leader
Henk Middelkoop partner / architect
Sharon Engelsma assistent project leader / technical designer