Study Hart van Rooswijk

Study for the redevelopment of the centre of Rooswijk.

The concept comprises a park that covers the whole of the location. The existing town square is reduced, and embedded in green. This result in the correct scale for small scale events, like a regional market or performances. The park is embedded in its surroundings at all sides , thus allowing acces from every district, with countless informal routes. Green surroundings are paramount. Vehicles are restricted to the perifery or remain hidden underneath green.

The municipality of Zaanstad required approximately 150 homes. These are combined in 4 clusters, twe apartment buildings of different heights and two clusters of 6 houses each, beside a small park. Eich cluster requires a minimal area. They're compact.

As a result of this, both apartment blocks are designed vertically. They're both situated centrally within the park, hereby maximising the distance to surrounding homes and minimising any restrictions of sunlight. In terms of scale and size, the park certainly allows for highrise buildings.

Location Zaandijk