Hooghkamer, Singels

The new development plan 'Singels', is part of the larger plan for the expansion of Voorhout to the north of the existing residential areas, called Hooghkamer. Houses at the perifiry of this area have plain view of the surrounding 'polders'.

The area is entered via a monumental driveway to the north, bordered by water. When entering the district, water is all around, with a bordering park. This runs into a long and winding road, connecting different parts of the district. Various creeks and canals connect a number of ponds and a lake, in which three residential islands are situated, connected by bridges, allowing small boats to pass underneath, which makes the whole district accesible by boat. Many houses are bordered by water, a massive plus for quality of living.

In the midst of the plan, three important public spaces are created. To the east is an island for playful discovery, to the west are a village square and playing field.

In Hooghkamer, you live by the waters edge, looking out over the polders. It doesn't get more 'Hollandish' than that.


Location Voorhout