The plan area is designed around a central 'green lung', green park axis. This green core is connected to surrounding green and water by newly designed waterways. These approximately 12 m wide new waterways are oriented in an East-West direction. There used to be a Medieval canal structure oriented in the same way. The terrain is naturally marshy. The new waterways will be beneficial to local water level management.

All homes are located at or nearby the park. Residents can directly reach the park on foot. Cars are present, but not in a dominant way. Surrounding the residential areas, a new ring road is projected, that partly follows an existing track. Adjacent to this road, the existing green areas are left untouched, thus securing the green appearance of the plan area. 

The ring road has three connections to the outside, two existing and one at the 'Nieuwe Gouw'. From this ring road, the different neighbourhoods, connected to the park, are accessible, with bordering crescent shaped residential areas. The smaller streets are looped, providing excellent accessibility. Neighbourhoods are furthermore separated by new waterways.

At the edge of the 'Noord' park, a building is situated at the water's edge. This 4-layered building has a small 5-layer tower, further accentuating the axis of the line of sight through the park circles.

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