Longhouses in stream valley

Twelve longhouses are being developed in a beautiful stream valley in the southern part of the country. The starting point for this plan is an optimal integration of living and green. Plus recovery of the original authentic landscape. This has been achieved by reducing the subsoil to the differences in height that were originally visible here, before agricultural mechanization did straighten the fields.

The longhouses are situated on spacious plots that are bordered by small ramparts. With well-chosen height differences, the qualities of the landscape and the privacy of the longhouses are optimally united. Ways of rising wood do the rest.

The longhouses must have a considerable length and be more than twice as long as wide. This gives fantastic possibilities for the realization of barn architecture.

The beautiful location makes it possible to set the ambitions in terms of architecture and nature extra high. It is also being investigated whether the plan can remain completely disconnected from the grids that provide everything in our country with energy. As soon as the correct procedures have been carried out for local residents, we will come out completely with this plan. To be continued!

Location Southern part of The Netherlands
Henk Middelkoop partner / architect