Meesterlijk Wonen

Freedom of choice

Nowadays, home owners want more choice in customising the design of their house. Choice in the design of the layout, materialisation, windows, roof shape, geometry. A unique home, to feel unique in. Beautiful, but expensive.

Opposite this there is serial building. Every home is identical, pre-designed, without the possibility to choose, but affordable.

The project 'Meesterlijk Wonen' has the best of both worlds. Good homes, befitting the characteristical image of Oud-Beijerland, but affordable and with plenty of choice for future home owners. 

Life-course proof

The project consists of 68 homes, of which 20 are planned as life-course proof, aimed at the increasing numbers of the aging and elderly, who can now remain living in an environment that is familiar to them. The layout of these homes is thus, that in later stages it can be relatively simple to adjust to changing requirements, and adding a badroom with a bathroom on the same floor and adjacent to the living room.


The design of the homes is traditionally shaped, and this shape is maintained consequently. This leads to a recognisable little village within Oud-Beijerland, where it's situated at the greener edges of the village. Front gardens are separated from public space by hedges, to emphasise the green character of the neighbourhood.


Future residents can choose between a number of types of homes: terraced houses of 4.8, 5.4 or 6.0 meters wide, corner house, life-course proof home of 7.8 meters wide or a semi-detached home.

Consequently, there is a choice between a number of aesthetical options, beside the standard expansions; brick colour according to the adjacent care facility, type of front door, French balcony, facade shape, dormer, etc. In discussions with future home owners, these choices wille be carefully finetuned, to achieve the desired architectural variety.

Residents will be able to start with a clean slate, to secure maximum freedom of choice, guided by Kokon and Van Mierlo.

[artist's impressions: Van Mierlo]

Location Oud-Beijerland
Client Van Mierlo
Süleyman Özbek Architect / Bureaumanager
Ron Van Leeuwen CEO / architect / urban designer