Munnekeweij, care centre, apartments

In Noordwijkerhout, Kokon has realised a new residential care building for housing association St. Antonius van Padua. A building that houses a nursing home, a health centre, a daycare centre, homes for people with a disability and a large number of apartments, and that has a parking garage, extensive (roof) gardens and an atrium for common purposes.

Due to the scale and multiple functions contained in the building, Kokon designed an elaborate layout: a symmetrical composition with clearly recognizable building elements that are connected by low-rise buildings and the atrium with a glass roof. This creates an informal building and prevents the scale of the buildings from being too predominant compared to the Mossenest II residential area.

The building’s facade has multiple offsets, is colourful and has flat and sloping roofs and various specific details. The apartments vary from 90 to 135 m², with spacious floor plans and 2 or 3 bedrooms.

Location Noordwijkerhout
Client Woningstichting St. Antonius van Padua
Ron Van Leeuwen ceo / architect / urban designer