Kokon not only specialises in solving large-scale architectural and urban planning issues. On the contrary, our strength also lies in smaller renovation and restoration work. 

This project concerns the renovation of a house on Noordmolenstraat in Rotterdam. Like our project on the Tollensstraat, the four-storey building will be divided into three residential flats. The ground floor will retain its function as a shopfront. The property was poorly maintained and in poor condition, which meant that the task not only involved dividing the property, but also a substantial renovation of the existing structure.  

The wooden beam layer was in such poor condition in many places that it was partially replaced on several floors. At the rear of the property, the balconies were completely renewed. Finally, it was decided to replace the existing gable roof with dormers with a mansard roof to maximise the usable space in the attic. The floor plans were worked on at length to create the best possible distribution of living spaces. The realized are spacious, bright and enjoyable.

Location Rotterdam, NL
André van Deursen architect / heritage project leader
Jeroen Moerman architectural heritage designer
Rafaël van Hees architectural heritage designer