Parkwijk is a new district, in the centre of Lekkerkerk. The apartment building 'Parkflat', that Kokon designed for housing corporation QuaWonen, comprises of forty-two life-course proof rental apartments, in the social sector. Living in the Parkflat provides opportunity to combine independent living with care. Parkwijk provides a peaceful ambience to live in, with a clear layout, lots of greenery and adjacent to a park. The village centre is at walking distance.

The building consists of 4 storeys with 12 apartments per layer, at both sides of a corridor. The facade is completely made of brickwork, and has a variety of balconies, with masonry parapets. The integrated sun screens are hidden by masonry.

The building is built 'with its feet in the water', providing the apartments at the east side with terraces (ground floor) or balconies next to water. The entrance is accessible via a small bridge. The apartments at the west side of the building have a view on the park. Parking space is located at the east side of the building.

The entrance hall is spacious. The glass dome lights, vertical glazing in the facade in the atriums give the building its light, transparent and luxurious appearance from the inside out. At the ground floor, a storage space with charging facilities for eightteen mobility scooters is located, as well as the storage space per apartment and a multifunctional common room.

The apartment layouts are mirrored per aisle, with two bedrooms, an spacious bathroom, a separate toilet, in-house storage space and a separate storage space. The ample living room has an open kitchen and a large balcony or terrace. All apartments are life-course proof. All facilities for mobility scooters are provided for.

All apartments are heated through underfloor heating. Temperatures are adjustable per room. The building is equipped with solar collectors for water heating.

The apartment building includes every quality we value at Kokon: sustainable, durable, resident-friendly, life-course proof, and with great detailing.


Location Lekkerkerk
Client QuaWonen
GFA 5.761
Süleyman Özbek Architect / Bureaumanager
Ron Van Leeuwen CEO / architect / urban designer