PS Elderly Care

The building's design was composed bij adding organic shapes along the outside of the building. This layer can be used for strolls and resting by elderly residents. Keeping the building's first two layers open, creates a publicly accessible buiding.

This design decision offers opportunities for residents to meet people from the surrounding area. A series of public spaces, combined in a diverse hierarchy, is integrated in the building's volume.

Our model comprises of 5 care categories; light to intensive care (category A-E). Light care (A-C) is provided within 2-3 room apartments. For residents of A-C it is possible to remain in the building their whole remainder of their lives. Apartments provide  for all needs, and are fully accessible to wheelchair users. Bathrooms are accessible to residents with a physical disability. If residents lose control over their bodies, they will becom part of categories D-E. Here they can live in groups with shared apartments with care provided 24/7.

Location Nanjing, China
Henk Middelkoop partner / architect