The Contry

In the rural development 'De Contreie', at the edge of the town of Oosterhout, a number of semi-detached houses will be built on ample lots. The quality requirements plan describes modern architectural shapes and a variety of light colours and masonry, which pushed the design towards a refreshing style with clearly defined shapes and facades. The architectural masses were detailed with sharply defined edges. We have achieved this while not implementing any plywood. Gutters and awnings, as well as downspouts (square), bay windows and dormers are all made out of zinc. The facades consist of a dynamic composition of recessed window frames and multiple accentuated areas in contrasting masonry. The chosen ceramical roof tiles are in a modest grey and have flat shapes. Green hedges are part of the design. This proves that modern architecture can have a rural and warm feel to it.

Location Oosterhout
Roy Gorissen architect
Ron Van Leeuwen ceo / architect / urban designer