Swetterhage, phase 4 Activity centre

At the Swetterhage location on the Blankaartweg in Zoeterwoude, Kokon designed an activity centre for the Gemiva-SVG organisation. The building will function as a day care centre for the clients of the location.

This activity centre concerns the 4th phase of a long-running metamorphosis in which Kokon has been involved for almost 20 years. The metamorphosis started out in 2003 with an urban development plan for Kokon. Phases 1 to 3 have since been realised.

In the activity centre, there are 10 group rooms divided over 2 floors with various ancillary functions, including individual rooms per group room, multifunctional, sanitary and storage rooms.

Like all the previously completed buildings per phase on the site, the activity centre also has its own architectural style, further enhancing the diversity within the entire site. Instead of traditional brickwork, another sustainable material was chosen as the facade cladding: Rockpanel. The use of a facade grid, the play with closed-open proportions and variations in the depth of the facade cladding create a diverse, fresh and playful image at the central park of Swetterhage.

Construction has already started and is progressing steadily. The activity centre is scheduled for completion and use at the end of 2022.

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Location Zoeterwoude
Client Gemiva SVG
Süleyman Özbek bureau manager / architect