Swetterhage, phase 3 houses

For Gemiva-SVG groep, Kokon has designed houses for 72 clients with intellectual disability at the Swetterhage location at the Blankaartweg in Zoeterwoude. This project is phase 3 of a long series of projects for a metamorphosis that Kokon has been working on for years. It started in 2003 with an urban plan for the location. Phase 1A, 1B and 2 have been completed since.

The 72 clients for whom phase 3 will be home, will be housed in 2 identical buildings. These buildings have 2 layers, with a roof constructed to accommodate all systems.

Clients are divided into 8 groups of 9. Every client has a living room/bedsit with a bathroom of their own. All groups have a large common living room with an ample kitchen and a large common garden or terrace. In every group, supporting services are integrated, like laundry room, linen room and storage rooms.

Just like previous phases, phase 3 has its own architectural style, which enhances diversity at the Swetterhage location. A combination between horizontal clapboard sidings and stucco as facade material, provides a bright and optimistic appearance.

Location Zoeterwoude
Client Gemiva SVG Groep
GFA 2.837 m²
Süleyman Özbek bureau manager / architect