Transformation 'Oude Minkemaschool'

The middle school 'Neutrale HBS' was established in Woerden in 1919-1920, as a result of efforts by the liberal notary F.A. Minkema. In January 1925 a new building at the Van der Valk - Boumanlaan was opened, designed by the architect C.J. Kruisweg.

He was given the task to design a school building in accordance with contemporary demands. Impressive traffic areas, a beautiful central staircase and high ceilings. Education was meant to elevate the masses. Kruisweg succeeded partly, as not all of the design was realised. For almost 100 years, a temporary wall stood a the south side of the building, waiting for a second wing to the building, that never came.

Kokon has seized the opportunity this omission offered, to finish the building to perfection, in the spirit of Kruisweg. A new wing was designed, containing 3 floors, where the original building only had 2. This was carefully done, only to be revealed when scrutinised closely.

On top of the building, a new roof was designed, also containing apartments. The building's somewhat official appearance now has a more familiar character. The 'Oude Minkema' had become a frugal design, typical for Woerden of that age. Time to change all that!

Behind the 'Oude Minkema' building, several apartment blocks will be realised, distinctly separated from the old building.

Location Woerden