Urban plan Yassıören

For the municipality of Yassıören, Istanbul, Kokon has developed a concept for the new urban plan, commissioned by Darülaceze (care foundation for elderly, youth and disabled). The plan comprises new housing for the foundation’s target groups, with supporting programme and facilities like activity centers, houses of worship, commercial buildings, offices, etc. The project’s location has a surface area of approx. 15 ha.

The location is divided in ‘islands’, in which the different programmes are located. A central axis through the area, characterised by ample planting, provides a connection between the different islands, resulting in a diversity of meeting places. Considering the plans proposed residents, the design of public spaces is of great importance. Spaces must be recognisable, very accessible and useful, providing the residents with possibilities for meeting and orientating.

Proposed architecture will be considering and responding to the region’s characteristics.

Location Yassıören, Istanbul, Turkey
Süleyman Özbek bureau manager / architect