Villa Achterwillenseweg

Along a beautiful winding country road in Gouda, several lots are still available for residential building. This is due to the transformation of this former argicultural zone, that lies adjacent to a nature reserve and the 'Reeuwijkse Plassen' lakes.

The design for a villa is tuned to designs of several other homes along this Achterwillenseweg. Rooftiles down to ground level and the use of wood cladding in the facade is derived from the ambition to create a home with a robust appearance, without too many fashionable solutions.

The villa will have a stucco facade on top of a sturdy insulation-package, in order to achieve sustainable scores up to future standards.

It is situated at the corner of the entrance to the new district of Middenwillens. Together with the villa on the opposite side of the road, it constitutes a nice ensemble.

Location Gouda
Henk Middelkoop partner / architect