At first glance they constitute twins, two apartment blocks designed as the entrance to a new district along the Wilhelmina canal.

On the inside however, both blocks have completely different programmes, varying from compactly organised apartments for senior citizens to ample apartments of different shapes and sizes. Thus, 82 homes in a variation of composition are realised, along with built parking space for 14 vehicles in one block.

Both buildings are equipped with large and very useful balconies, that can be shielded off with glass screens according to taste. Much consideration was given to utilisation of appealing and technically durable materials that require hardly any maintainance. Rooftop terraces at the corners enclose the sculptural appearance of every building.

The project will be completely realised according to BIM.

Location Oosterhout
Client Thuisvester / Zeeman vastgoed
GFA 14.631 m²
Roy Gorissen architect
Eric Holthuis architect/ parametric expert
Wim Baas project leader / technical designer
Ron Van Leeuwen ceo / architect / urban designer